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1904 Darracq 'Genevieve' pictured at the 2011 Veteran Car Run London Concours

Genevieve, from the 1953 British comedy film of the same name, is a 1904 Darracq 12hp who participates in the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

In GenevieveEdit

Genevieve is owned by a young barrister named Alan McKim and his wife Wendy. Their friends, Ambrose Claverhouse, an advertising salesman, and his girlfriend Rosalind Peters are also participating on the run in their 1905 Spyker 12/16hp Double Phaeton.

Claverhouse, Peters and their St. Bernard dog have a trouble-free journey to Brighton, but the McKims are less fortunate and Genevieve suffers frequent breakdowns and they arrive in Brighton very late.

The 1905 Spyker on the 2011 Veteran Car Run

When they do eventually arrive, the McKims must check in to a run-down old hotel, as Alan had cancelled their usual luxurious accommodation.

They later accompany Ambrose and Rosalind for drinks, but Rosalind becomes quite drunk. Shortly after, Alan and Wendy argue about Ambrose's romantic interest in her. Alan then goes to sulk in his garage and, while tinkering with Genevieve in the middle of the night, Ambrose turns up. They exchange angry words and Alan rather hastily bets Ambrose £100 that he would beat him in a race between the two of them back to London. The winner would be the 'first over Westminster Bridge'.

Despite Rosalind's raging hangover and Wendy's disapproval of the whole thing, the next morning the race goes ahead. Both parties resort to cheating in one way or another, for example Ambrose sabotages Genevieve's engine and Alan causes the Spyker to be pulled over by police.

As they reach the edge of London, they are stopped by police and Wendy insists that the bet is called off. It is, but while Ambrose and Alan wait for the pub to open it is called back on again. Both cars race neck and neck towards Westminster bridge, but Genevieve breaks down just before reaching the finish. It seems like Ambrose is going to win, but the Spyker's tyres become stuck in a tram line and he is forced to drive off in a different direction. Genevieve's brakes then fail, and she rolls over on to Westminster Bridge.

Genevieve TodayEdit

Today Genevieve resides in the extensive Louwman Collection in the Netherlands, which is also the home of the Spyker. For many years, Geneveive has travelled to England for the weekend of the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run and Concours.

As the run is for pre-1904 cars only, the Spyker was not allowed to participate in the real run because it was made in 1905, however it has been invited each year since the 2010 run as its role in the film has been recognised as an important part of the run's heritage.