Freedom train

American Freedom Train

The American Freedom Train was a steam train recommissioned in 1974, to tour the country as part of a tour in honor of the American bicentennial in 1976. It toured the country in 48 different US states (excluding Alaska and Hawaii) from April 1st, 1975 - December 31st, 1976 after which it was decommissioned from service and sent to Canada, which it toured as a normal train in 1978. Its display cars were unfortunately scrapped in 1995 outside of Las Vegas, Nevada in a freight yard. The locomotive's whereabouts are unknown to the users of this wiki.


  • Dorothy Gale's dress from The Wizard Of Oz 1938 movie.
  • A rock from the moon.
  • A replication of The Liberty Bell.
  • George Washington's copy of the Declaration of Independence.