Barney's Car

Barney's Car

Barney's First Car is a vehicle from The Andy Griffith Show. It appeared in one consecutive episode of the same name. In the episode Barney Buys a car from a little old lady car hussler Mrs. Lesh. He saved $300 to buy the car and all he bought was a sour lemon.


  • Barney takes the car to Gomer the mechanic to see what it needs and Gomer says that it will need:plugs, points, bearings, valves, rings, starter switch, ignition wires, water pump, fuel pump, oil pump, clutch, clutch bearings, clutch plate, brake lining, brake shoes, brake drums, radiator hose, and a radiator hose cover. The car could use a good wash too. Also, sawdust was found in the differential and transmission.
  • This is similar to when Herman Munster bought a lemon for Marilyn from Fair Deal Dan on an episode of The Munsters. The article: Marilyn Munster's First Car.

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