"I am K.A.R.R. the Knight Automated Roving Robot, and you are just the inferior production line model!"
―K.A.R.R. to K.I.T.T.[src]
K.A.R.R. (Knight Automated Roving Robot) was the prototype version of K.I.T.T., originally designed by Wilton Knight and built by his company Knight Industries. Upon completion of the vehicle, KARR's CPU was installed and activated. However, a programming error made the computer unstable and potentially dangerous. The project was put on hold and KARR was placed in storage until a solution could be found.

Unlike K.I.T.T., whose primary directive is to protect human life, K.A.R.R. was programmed for self-preservation, making him a ruthless and unpredictable threat. He does not appear as streetwise as K.I.T.T. This has occasionally allowed people to take advantage of his remarkable capabilities for their own gain. Despite this, he does ultimately consider himself superior (always referring to K.I.T.T. as "the inferior production line model") as well as unstoppable, and due to his programming the villains don't usually get very far. K.A.R.R. demonstrates a complete lack of respect or loyalty, going so far as to on one occasion eject its driver to reduce weight and increase its odds of escape.

KARR first appeared in the Season One episode "Trust Doesn't Rust" aired on NBC on November 19, 1982, where he seemingly met his demise at the end. However, he was so popular with viewers that he was brought back again in the Season Three episode "K.I.T.T. vs. K.A.R.R.", aired on NBC on November 4, 1984.

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