Sergeant Schultz Motorcycle

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"Hogan's Heroes"



Number of Vehicles Used In Production

Presumably One

Number of Surviving Vehicles




Also Known as

Schultz' Bike

Sergeant Schultz' Motorcycle appeared in one episode of the fourth season of the television series Hogan's Heroes. In the one episode it appeared, Colonel Klink was forced to use the motorcycle because, Colonel Hogan had hijacked Colonel Klink's Staff Car to have unecessary repair work done on it, to use it to carry out a secret allied mission. In one gag in the episode, Sgt. Schultz attempts to start the bike, but can't. Eventually, he sits down on it with so much force that when it finally starts and he drives away, the bike separates from the sidecar, leaving Klink stranded.


  • The sidecar gag, mirrors what happened in an episode of The Andy Griffith Show, when Barney Fife, bought a motorcycle from an army surplus auction, and at one point it splits too. Since both television shows were aired on CBS, this could indicate that both bikes may have been the same bike, just repainted for each show. Unfortunately, there is no evidence for this or any proof that they were the same bike.

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