The Flying Car

The Weasly's Flying Car

The Weasley's Flying Ford Anglia appeared in the 2002 movie Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets. It is a baby blue in colour, with various dents, scratches and other marks. It, like Herbie and Christine, was anthropomorphic but at first it was a normal car, despite the fact that it could fly. It gained the abillity to fly from Mr. Weasly who charmed it so it could fly, but since it was enchanted it gained a life of its own. Mr. Weasley also made the interior larger than it appeared, making it able to accommodate the whole Weasley family (2 adults, 7 children).

It was first employed by Ron, Fred and George Weasley to rescue Harry from his bedroom at the Dusleys' house in Privet Drive, and later to fly Harry and Ron to Hogwarts after they missed the Hogwarts Express.

It appeared later in the story to rescue Harry and Ron from Aragog, a monstrous spider, in the Forbidden Forest. It is not known what happened to the car after that, but it probably continued to live in the Forest.


  • It is one of the only official Star Cars made into a LEGO set,
    Flying car 1

    The first LEGO version of the Weasly's Flying Car

    it being the only official LEGO Star Car made twice.
  • The film car can be seen on display at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hampshire. A replica can be seen at the London Motor Museum in Hayes, Middlesex.
  • A model was made by Corgi as part of a small Harry Potter range, along with the Hogwarts Express and the Knight Bus.
Lego flying car

The Second LEGO version