The Wonka Mobile

The Wonka Mobile


The Wonkamobile was a vehicle specially made by Willy Wonka to run on the carbonation in different types of soda: "ginger ale, ginger pop, ginger beer, beer bubbles, bubble-ade, bubble cola, double cola, double bubble, burp-a-cola, and all the crazy carbonated stuff that tickles your nose."

The Wonkamobile reached up to about 10-miles-per-hour top speed in the factory.

The Wonkamobile had a huge boiler and pipes that spit out the carbonation bubbles onto the passengers rather comically. It then went through a "Hsawaknow" ("Wonkawash" spelled backwards) which cleaned the suds off the passengers.



  • The Wonkamobile never appeared in the novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

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