Wonderbug was a show from 1976 in a segment of the children variety show "The Krofft Supershow".

in the show, we're introduced to Barry Buntrock (David Levy) C.C. McNamara (John-Anthony Bailey) and Susan Talbot (Carol Anne Seflinger) as they were looking around in a junkyard to find themselves a car to buy.

soon they finally stumble upon a funny-looking, rusty, dark green beach buggy with the register plate "SCHLEP", all three kids were impressed when the car was alive, and he could also talk in mumbles as well.

After they decided to buy him, nicknaming him "Schlepcar", they found a magic horn among the junkpiles, and they installed the horn on Schlepcar, and they caused Schlepcar to recieve a whole new alter ego.

that Alter ego was to be known as... "Wonderbug".

Wonderbug had the abilities such as flying, using magnets to attract objects & bad guys, and since he's already a sentinent being, he can solve puzzles and save people from evil, making him a very valuable car for crime fighting.

sadly... the show stopped being on air after 1978 togheter with The Krofft Supershow.